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MechRage Space MMO Game

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MechRage is a Free to play Space Strategy MMO developed by Looki Publishing GmbH for Internet Browser plataform.

Set in the distant future where mankind has colonised new worlds and established huge futuristic bases in the hopes of gathering valuable resources to further fuel their exploration and survival. Using impressive mechanical Mech robots players must defend their territory and look to expanding their own borders as Mech Commanders as they embark on action packed PvE and face off against thousands of other players in challenging PVP play-offs in this resource gathering, base constructing strategy game that is free to play in your Internet browser.

The key element to MechRage is building up your own base, using various empty plots players can construct new buildings to enhance the overall function and efficiency of their base, most particularly in resource gathering and raising up your fearsome mech army. Such examples are Power Plants increase the number of mechs you can have in your army, Depot buildings increase your stored resource By 500 and protects resource loss when being attacked, the Attack-Factory allows the creation of offensive Attacker Mechs so that players can take the battle to their enemy instead of being purely defensive.

There are four different types of resources within the game: energy, titanium, silicon and gold. Energy is used up by you mechs, and saw the number of mechs available is dependent on this number which is capped but can be increased with various buildings such as a power plant. Silicon and titanium are used to build everything from your mechs to constructing buildings for your base, once more this is capped but can be increased by building depots. These three resources will be generated over time and produced typically by your mines and other production buildings, however gold does not regenerate itself and must be earned through gameplay purchased with real money. Gold is particularly useful for instantly completing the construction of mechs and buildings instead of having to wait however many minutes or hours it would normally take.

Throughout the game players will be able to improve the skills and abilities of their commander to make them more proficient in battle against other players and in PVE missions. There are thousands of other players to fight against, but players do not have to go at it alone and are able to create or join an Alliance with their friends to pool resources and combined their attacks on common enemies.

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