Andromeda 5 MMO game

Andromeda 5 Space MMO Game

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Andromeda 5 is a Free to play MMORPG Space Shooter genre game, developed by XS Software for Internet Browser games.

In Andromeda 5 you are the pilot of your very own spaceship in this free to play space MMO where you can enjoy the game in solo play or as part of the team, exploring a vast universe and competing against other players whilst completing various missions, all from your Internet browser. The game itself is broken up into 20 different galaxies that players can discover on their travels, from the outlaw riddled galaxy of Orion where danger waits for you at every turn to the wild space of Andromeda where few will dare to enter it.

On your travels there are over 200 missions that can be taken on and completed to earn rewards taking used to exotic locations and going up against a variety of different threats throughout the stars. From the likes of Buccaneers and Droids who are peaceful on the surface but can be a great threat if provoked, to larger threats such as the Parasite and the Trident can be extremely deadly if you are caught unprepared, to the Annihilator; one of the greatest threats in the galaxy and retreat is often the better option when coming across one.

Players get to choose from a number of different ships, 15 in total, that they can customise and configure to their own preferences equipping them with the various skins, weapons, armour and gear upgrades. From the Serpent ship, which although slow it has long ranged weaponry and an extremely high shield rating, making it perfect for short battles to the Destroyer equipped with two plasma slots and an ion weapon as well as having incredible speed, it is one of the most dangerous ships to come up against when in the wrong hands. As well as improving your ship players are also able to increase their own characters abilities with over 30 talents and skills to choose from to train up their pilot.

There are various different PVP modes available from team based combat to free for all, PVP bouts occur in different arenas on small scales of maps and also in open PVP flagged galaxies. Using the matchmaking system means that arena fights between players are often fairly evenly matched, comparing honour ranking and player level.

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