Edgeworld MMO game

Edgeworld Space MMO Game

Lang: English

Edgeworld is a Free to play Space MMO genre game, develped by Kabam for internet browser.

In Edgeworld players are in full control of their own futuristic base on the abandoned alien planet of Cerulea IV that is rich in resources, the game is completely free to play through your Internet browser and is part base management strategy combined with tower defence elements. Earn resources, build up your buildings, research new technologies and invade rival bases to gain XP and ultimately take out your competitors. Meanwhile carefully place your own defences for when the enemy comes knocking on your own door, trying to wipe you off the map with their carefully placed elite troops.

Starting with an empty base, working up from their command centre you must quickly establish yourself by building resource production buildings that can be utilised to raise a powerful military in your mission of conquest. Buildings take time to build and can be placed anywhere on your grid map base, furthermore these buildings can be moved around freely once built so that players can change up their strategy if they find a weak point in their defences. Erect large turrets and towers to stop waves of enemy forces from levelling your base.

Players are able to research the various technologies that will unlock new buildings, upgrades and military units that can be used offensively and defensively. Researching takes time, later research texts can take many hours before they are completed, and they are also locked with level prerequisites. Through playing the game, completing missions and destroying enemies you can earn XP to level up your character and gain resources in the process to further solidify your presents.

PvP is central to the game and players are able to attack each other once their new player grace period is over. Selecting an enemy base and using the warp gate to drop in your own troops it is important to ensure they are dropped into a viable location away from enemy turrets. With wave after wave of your own troops entering an enemy base with skill, tactics and a little bit of luck, you will be able to destroy your rivals. Choose to go in solo or team up with other players to create an alliance offering mutual protection and combined efforts when attacking other players.

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